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MBV-BVWR-80 License Viewer base

Commercial Type No.: MBV-BVWR-80
Product No.: F.01U.347.074

MBV-BVWR-80 License Viewer base
  • Live viewing of multiple cameras
  • Playback and export from storage
  • PTZ Control and digital zoom
  • Forensic Search
  • Live and Playback sites
  • Details
    Supported operating systems Windows 8.1 (64-bit, Professional or Enterprise) Windows 10 (64-bit, Professional or Enterprise, patched with Creators Update 1703). We recommend installing Internet Explorer 11.
    Supported languages English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese
    Supported cameras Bosch UHD and panoramic cameras, MPEG-4 & H.264 encoders, MPEG-4, H.264 & H.265 IP cameras, and IP AUTODOME cameras in SD & HD format Supported HD resolutions: 720p and 1080p, 5, 8 and 12 Megapixel 3rd party cameras via RTSP, JPEG, or ONVIF Profile S BRS/DiBos/DVR cameras
    Supported Bosch Recording Solutions DVR 431, 440, 451, 480, 630, 650, 670, 700 series (maximum 15 managed DVRs) Bosch Recording Station 8.10, 8.11 DIVAR AN 3000 / 5000 DIVAR hybrid 3000 / 5000 DIVAR network 3000 / 5000 DiBos, firmware version 8.7 Maximum 100 BRS/DiBos DIVAR IP 2000 DIVAR IP 5000 DIVAR IP 6000 DIVAR IP 3000/7000 (full Bosch VMS Operator Client)
    Supported BVIP devices Flexidome IP micro 2000/5000 Flexidome IP indoor/outdoor 4000 Flexidome IP indoor/outdoor 5000 Flexidome IP starlight 6000 VR Flexidome IP starlight 7000 VR Flexidome IP starlight 7000 RD Flexidome Ip dynamic 7000 RD Flexidome IP panoramic 5000 MP Flexidome IP panoramic 7000 MP Flexidome IP panoramic 7000 SC Flexidome IP 4000i Flexidome IP 5000i TINYON 2000 HD/WI/PIR DINION IP 4000 HD DINION IP 5000 HD DINION IP 5000 MP DINION IP bullet 4000 HD DINION IP bullet 5000 HD DINION IP starlight 6000 HD DINION IP starlight 7000 HD DINION IP starlight 8000 MP DINION IP ultra 8000 MP DINION IP capture 5000 DINION IP imager 9000 HD Flexidome IP corner 9000 MP Extegra IP starlight 9000 FX Extegra IP dynamic 9000 FX DINION IP thermal 8000 AUTODOME IP 4000 HD AUTODOME IP 5000 HD AUTODOME IP 7000 AUTODOME IP 7000 HD AUTODOME IP starlight 7000 HD AOTODOME IP 4000i AUTODOME IP 5000i MIC IP starlight 7000 HD MIC IP Fusion 9000i MIC 612 VIP X1 XF VideoJet X20 VideoJet X40 VideoJet multi 4000 VideoJet Decoder 3000 VideoJet Decoder 8000 VIP X 1600 XFM4
    Unmanaged sites Maximum 9999 unmanaged sites. Supported unmanaged devices: Bosch VMS, DIVAR IP 3000/7000, DVR 431, 440, 451, 480, 630, 650, 670, 700 series, DIVAR AN 3000, DIVAR AN 5000, DIVAR hybrid 3000 / 5000, DIVAR network 3000 / 5000, BVIP devices. Maximum 5 DVR/DIVAR AN devices per site.
    CPU Intel Core i7 4770 3.4 GHz (up to 3.9 GHz)
    RAM Minimum 8 GB
    Free disk space Minimum 3 GB We recommend having minimum 15% free disk space.
    Network card 1000Base-T
    Display Resolution Minimum per monitor 1024x768 1280x1024 or higher recommended
    Recommended Graphic Cards Nvidia K620 Nvidia M2000 Nvidia M4000 AMD FirePro W5100 AMD FirePro W7100



Belongs to

Bosch VMS Viewer 8.0

The Bosch VMS Viewer is an IP video security application for small to medium Bosch Video installations.