Multi Tenant

MTR Receiver

  • Controls up to 10000 clients
  • Supports two separated CAN buses, each of which can connect to a maximum of 100 MTGW CAN/RS-485 gateways
  • Monitors and reports system internal status to MTSW central management software
  • Receives MTGW events, monitors MTGW status, and reports MTGW trouble or trouble restore in 15 seconds
  • Provides an events buffer that holds 3000 internal events which can be printed using a standard printer connected to the parallel port
  • Connects to MTRAM programming software to configure parameters or upgrade firmware
Multi Tenant

MTGW Gateway

  • Acts as device interface between CAN bus and RS‑485 bus
  • Provides three separate RS‑485 buses supporting 120 devices per MTGW
  • Provides 64‑event buffer
  • Supports firmware upgrades through MTRAM
DS6R2 Series 6‑zone Self‑contained Control Panel
  • 6 alarm input zones and 1 keyswitch input
  • 1 alarm relay output and 2 solid-state outputs
  • 1 master PIN code and 3 user PIN codes
  • Wireless receiver and key fob support