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ISC-PDL1-WC30G Motion detector, 100ft (30m), curtain

Commercial Type No.: ISC-PDL1-WC30G
Product No.: F.01U.166.049

ISC-PDL1-WC30G Motion detector, 100ft (30m), curtain
  • 30 m (100 ft) x 2.6 m (8.5 ft) standard coverage
  • 2.1 m to 3 m (7 ft to 10 ft) mounting height, no adjustments required, optional lookdown masking
  • EN50131-2-4 Grade 2 compliant
  • Sensor data fusion technology
  • Range adaptive radar and active white light suppression
  • Dynamic temperature compensation
  • Remote walk test
  • Alarm memory
  • Draft and insect immunity
  • Cloak and Camouflage Detection Technology (C2DT)

Belongs to

Professional Series TriTech Curtain Motion Detectors

Family of curtain detectors with 30 m (100 ft) range; Includes G model (10.525 GHz), and H model (10.588 GHz)