OD850 Series Outdoor TriTech Detectors

OD850 Series Outdoor TriTech Detectors
  • Motion Analyzer II PIR signal processing
  • Linear travel distance (LTD) microwave signal processing
  • Two sensitivity levels
  • Timed relay output adjustable from two sec to 10 min
  • AND/OR mode
  • Draft and insect immunity

Product variants

OD850-F1 Motion detector, outdoor, 50ft (15m)

Provides PIR and mircowave, 15 m x 15 m (50 ft x 50 ft) coverage for use outdoors or in harsh environments with two sensitivity levels, draft and insect immunity. Operates at 10.525 GHz. For use in Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, the Americas and the Asia/Pacific Region.

Commercial Type No.: OD850-F1
Product No.: 4.998.155.081



B338 Mounting bracket, ceiling, universal

B338 Mounting bracket, ceiling, universal

Swiveling universal bracket for ceiling mounting. The vertical swivel range is +7° to -16°, while the horizontal swivel range is ±45°.

Commercial Type No.: B338
Product No.: 4.998.800.282