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HMB-MP16 Master panel, 16 switch/input

Commercial Type No.: HMB-MP16
Product No.: F.01U.201.668

HMB-MP16 Master panel, 16 switch/input
  • From a single story to a thousand - no practical limit
  • True Multiplex 5 Channel Distributed Audio
  • Automatic Messaging
  • Zone Paging Control
  • Integrated Fire Phone
  • Details
    Primary power 120 VAC
    Battery power 24 VDC
    Electrical Ratings for all circuits at 24 VDC
    Master Panel:
    DCC Alarm and Standby: 80 mA
    ASC Alarm and Standby: 30 mA
    MFP Alarm and Standby: 10 mA
    SSC Alarm and Standby: 25 mA
    SLC Alarm and Standby: 6 mA
    MMC Alarm and Standby: 45 mA
    IOI Alarm and Standby: 20 mA
    Distributed Panel:
    DCC Alarm and Standby: 55 mA
    MBR Alarm: 55 mA; Standby: 10 mA
    AMI Alarm and Standby: 10 mA
    FPI Alarm and Standby: 13 mA
    Battery Information
    Charging (maximum charging current from:)
    EVX-25/50 800 mA
    EVX-100 1 A
    Size (maximum battery size for:)
    EVX-25/50 17 Ah
    EVX-100 24 Ah
    Color Standard: Charcoal gray; Optional: red
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 27 in. x 14.5 in. x 4 in. (68.6 cm x 36.8 cm x 10.2 cm)
    Bus RS-485 Standard
    Data rate 1 MB, low capacitance cable
    Voltage 5 V peak-to-peak
    Frequncy 1.024 MHz
    Current 50 mA maximum
    Impedance (maximum between panels) 120 Ω



Belongs to

Bosch EVAX System - High-rise Applications

An effective emergency communication/voice evacuation system for high-rise structures that operates with the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies