Conventional Manual Call Points for Ex Areas

Conventional Manual Call Points for Ex Areas
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    Operating voltage 20 - 26.5 V DC
    Switch contact Type 366 (encapsulated), II 2 G EEx d II C
    Maximum contact load 5 A / 250 V AC 0,25 A / 250 V DC
    Cable entry 1x M16  x 1.5 tightening diameter 4‑8 mm, EEx e II Blind plug: 1x M16 x1.5 EEx e II
    Housing material Polyester, glass fiber reinforced
    Colors Red, RAL 3001
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 136 x 138 x 88 mm
    Weight Approx. 1800 g
    Protection class as per EN 60529 IP 66
    Permissible operating temperature -25 °C to +40 °C
    Ex classification Eex emd IIC T6
    Test certificate / PTB No. 97-37001
    ATEX approval no. PTB 97 ATEX 3197
    Operating voltage 16V DC to 28V DC
    Cable duct PG11 screws (2x)
    Connection terminals 0.2 mm to 1.5 mm
    Housing material Plastic, PC
    Color Red, RAL 3000
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 134.4 x 134.4 x 43.5 mm
    Weight Approx. 200 g
    Protection class as per EN 60529 IP 54
    Permissible operating temperature -25 °C to +60 °C
    Permissible storage temperature -30 °C to +75 °C
    Permissible relative humidity ≤100% at T≤34 °C
    Ex classification EEx ib IIC T4
    Input voltage Ui (V) ≤ 28
    Input current li (mA) ≤ 100
    Input power Pi (mW) ≤ 700
    Internal inductivity Li (mH) 0
    Internal capacity Ci (nF) 0




    vds EX
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Product variants

DM1103B-EX Manual call point ex area

for zone 1 and 2 areas at risk of explosion, conventional technology

Commercial Type No.: DM1103B-EX
Product No.: 4.998.112.084



FMC-SPGL-DEIL Spare glass

FMC-SPGL-DEIL Spare glass

For manual call points of series DM, DKM, SKM, FMC-120 and FMC-210, 1 unit = 5 spare glasses

Commercial Type No.: FMC-SPGL-DEIL
Product No.: F.01U.025.845