Components for Smoke Aspiration Systems

Components for Smoke Aspiration Systems

Product variants

FAS-ASD-PHF16 Polywell hose flexible, PG 16

50 m roll, flexible, black, non halogen

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-PHF16
Product No.: F.01U.029.719

FAS-ASD-TRPG16 Threaded ring, PG 16

including PG16 internal threads, 5 units

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-TRPG16
Product No.: F.01U.029.721

FAS-ASD-CSL Connection, straight line

connection between aspiration hose and aspiration pipe, including PG16 internal thread

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-CSL
Product No.: F.01U.029.720

FAS-ASD-3WT Three-way tap

including fittings, for 25 mm pipe system

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-3WT
Product No.: F.01U.029.718

FAS-ASD-F Flange

for ventilation duct

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-F
Product No.: F.01U.029.722

FAS-ASD-AR Aspiration reduction

includes a 10 mm bore for adding a suction reducing film sheet, 10 units

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-AR
Product No.: F.01U.029.724

FAS-ASD-CLT Ceiling lead-through

white, ABS, 10 units

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-CLT
Product No.: F.01U.029.725

FAS-ASD-AHC Aspiration hose for ceiling lead-through

50 m roll, white, PE

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-AHC
Product No.: F.01U.029.727

FAS-ASD-DSB Detonation safety barrier


Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-DSB
Product No.: F.01U.029.716

FAS-ASD-WS Water separator

including metal sinter filter and manual drain valve,

including fixing bracket and PG screw joint for 25 mm pipe system

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-WS
Product No.: F.01U.029.717

FAS-ASD-FL Filterbox, large

for 25 mm pipe system, including filter set and two PG29 screw joints

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-FL
Product No.: F.01U.029.714

FAS-ASD-RFL Replacement filter, large

Set including one of a fine, medium and rough filter mat (60 ppi, 45 ppi and 25 ppi)

Commercial Type No.: FAS-ASD-RFL
Product No.: F.01U.029.715