MS 400 B Detector base with Bosch logo

Commercial Type No.: MS 400 B
Product No.: F.01U.215.139

MS 400 B Detector base with Bosch logo
  • Screw terminals for safe and secure electrical connection
  • Locking against unauthorized detector removal
  • Cable feed allows for surface or flush mounting
  • Branded with Bosch logo
  • Details
    Connections Power supply (0 V, +V) LSN (a1/a2, b1, b2) C-point Shielding
    Housing material ABS (Novodur)
    Housing color Similar to RAL 9010
    Dimensions Ø 120 x 22.7 mm
    Weight 72 g


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MS 400 Detector Bases

detector base for surface-mounted and flush-mounted cable feed; available in Bosch-branded and non-Bosch-branded versions