BIS extensions

BIS extensions for V4.4
  • Modular structure makes it easy to tailor a security solution to your exact requirements.
  • Upgrade paths from numerous previous versions mean long-term protection of your investment.
  • Provides a seamless integration of Bosch or 3rd party systems through OPC compliance.
Bosch VMS-BIS Connectivity
  • Automatic or manual display of live images or recordings on Bosch VMS Operator Client in response to alarms or alarm acknowledgements.
  • Manual control of live images or recordings directly from BIS location or device overviews.
  • Ability to receive and process Bosch VMS alarms (motion detection, camera failure, …) within BIS.
  • Control of video recording from within BIS.
BIS Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA)
  • Maintain your system performance
  • Keep up with the latest advances in data security and operating systems
  • Get the highest return on your hardware investment
  • Regular software updates available