Online Tools

Bosch has developed a series of interactive tools that will help you find the best product for your security needs.


Online Tools - Video


Video Analytics and Lens Calculator Online

Easily calculate how far a camera can see and at what distance it can detect objects with built-in video analytics.



Cameras (IP, HD, Analog, PTZ), Encoder, Recording Solutions, Illumination...


Digital Recording Storage Calculator

Select the best digital recorder for your application and calculate the amount of storage needed.


Configuration Tool for Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras

Build an AutoDome Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera that fits your exact requirements.


Camera Selection Tool

Find the right Bosch camera technology for your application


IP Video Compatibility Website

Interactive website that details the IP video devices, firmware versions and features supported by a variety of software offerings from Bosch and other suppliers.


Online Tools - Communication


Project Tool for the infrared system INTEGRUS

Online Tools Communication make your project planning easier.