• DICENTIS Conference System
    DICENTIS Conference System

    DICENTIS Conference System

    DICENTIS is the world’s first IP based conference system built on the OMNEO media networking architecture. It uses standard Ethernet networks and therefore provides very flexible system design. There are 4 new discussion devices: DICENTIS Discussion device with touchscreen, DICENTIS Discussion device with language selector, DICENTIS Discussion device with voting and DICENTIS Discussion device.

  • DCN multimedia
    DCN multimedia

    Bosch revolutionizes conferencing with IP-based solution, DCN multimedia

    • Touch-screen conference devices integrate audio, video, meeting data and internet access

    • Innovative technologies for maximum speech intelligibility

    • Based on unique IP-based OMNEO media networking architecture

  • NEST

    NEST News

    NEST, a quarterly customer magazine, consists of the latest news related to products, events, case studies, and corporate news from all over the Asia Pacific region.

  • Integration Partner Program
    Integration Partner Program

    Integration Partner Program

    Looking for an integrated solution? Easily identify the compatible software or product that is right for you by browsing our Solution Advisor and checking the integration status of our partners.


    OMNEO Media Networking Architecture

    Through the use of open public standards, OMNEO will offer professional media network designers improved capabilities for integrating diverse products into complete system solutions.


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